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 Seion's Guide to Simple Walls

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PostSubject: Seion's Guide to Simple Walls   Sun Mar 20, 2011 11:35 pm

I wanted to start writing a few tutorials based upon some of the knowledge I've collected within my own time in Minecraft to share to love of the game and to offer my little bit of insight to the world. And what better way to start of small with the simple wall?

Well, there it is! Thanks for reading my tutorial. Now you know how to build a wall.
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Posts : 40
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Age : 29
Location : Ohio

PostSubject: Re: Seion's Guide to Simple Walls   Sun Mar 20, 2011 11:36 pm

Wait a second! Now that we have a wall don't we want to be able to go through it? Well let's add some doors.

Well that's better. Now we can get through our wall to get outside or get inside. However it's important to note that when you place a door, that you should be standing outside the area you are protecting looking inward. This is very important because with the door oriented like this you can attack the mean nasties that will be gathering outside and they won't be able to attack you as easily.

Now if we look at our wall from a sideways angle we can see that it's a pretty thin wall. Neutral

If a creeper decides he wants a hug near enough to our wall he will blow it to bits. Let's beef it up a bit!

Isn't that better? As the wall stands, it is a fairly effective defense being able to defend against zombies, creepers, and skeletons. The only enemy it is vulnerable to are spiders. See spiders can climb vertical walls and will happily do so to get at your creamy center. The way to stop spiders from simply walking over our gorgeous wall is to add an overhang to it.

I added this overhang to the top of the wall making it 4 blocks high. Because let's face it, 3 blocks high doesn't look very imposing. The next step to creating an effective wall is also very aesthetically pleasing. We are going to add crenelations. Crenelations enable us to have some protection (mainly from the arrows of skeletons) while we walk on the battlement and fight the nasties below.

In the third picture I did some experimentation and added some slabs between the crenelations. I like the look! Now how are we going to get up to these battlements?

Well we have the basic set of block stairs


And constructed stairs.

Any of these work but I prefer to use stairs in and near watchtowers and ladders along the walls for quick mid-wall access. Next is a little more advanced than a simple wall but I think it's a great idea. The next things we are going to add to our wall are murder holes. They will allow you to kill mobs while staying protected behind your wall.

Step 1 is to dig out a trench in front of your wall like so:

This will capture the mobs right against the wall. After this you want to dig a ditch behind and under you wall like this. Make sure it is one level below the floor of your trench outside. I put more cobblestone in between where the murder holes will go just to give a better aesthetic and feel.

Once you dig out the holes it will look like this. Have fun collecting your goody bags!

One of the other things I like to add to my wall are at least one window beside each door. This will allow you look out before you open the door to see if there are any mods laying in wait outside (especially creepers).

For this little wall I also added some torches to keep mobs from spawning on it and some fence just to make it a bit safer to navigate.

That's it for now. A basic guide to creating some simple but very effective walls to keep you safe and the things that go bump in the night at bay. These simple designs can be expanded to practically any size or variation. I might even get creative and write some more advanced tutorials involving moats, draw bridges, and vertical murder holes soon.

Dig deep, build big, and have fun!
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PostSubject: Re: Seion's Guide to Simple Walls   Tue Mar 22, 2011 11:29 am

This is one great tutorial! I was planning on making a sort of tower/castle as my home, and this will add a really nice touch to it. The tips with the murder holes and the overhang are especially useful. Thanks!
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PostSubject: Re: Seion's Guide to Simple Walls   Mon Apr 04, 2011 11:00 pm

This actually isn't all that bad.

I personally prefer the 4 block thick walls with walkways on top and a 2 block deep moat that allows me to just fall outside without taking damage.
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PostSubject: Re: Seion's Guide to Simple Walls   

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Seion's Guide to Simple Walls
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