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 new ex bank plug in commands and features.

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PostSubject: new ex bank plug in commands and features.   Wed Jan 25, 2012 3:27 am

Commands & Permissions

Bold is the long command | italics are shortcuts.
This plugin was only tested in Permissions 3.x and PEX. But all the others should work fine.

Permissions Support: NONE(OP), PEX

/xpbank|xb - Shows info about the plugin.

/xpbank|xb help - Displays the help menu.
Node: xpbank.help

/xpbank|xb current|c - Displays the current exp you have on your character.
Node: xpbank.current

/xpbank|xb balance|bal - Displays the current exp you have in your bank.
Node: xpbank.balance

(MOD Command)
/xpbank|xb balance|bal - Displays the current exp a player has banked (Needs xpbank.balance as well as xpbank.viewbal).
Node: xpbank.viewbal

/xpbank|xb deposit|d |all - Where replacing means a valid number or "all".
Node: xpbank.deposit
Eg: /xb deposit 100 - Deposits 100 exp in your bank (1 Level).
Eg: /xpbank d all - Deposits all the current exp the player has, into the bank.

/xpbank|xb withdraw|w |all - Where replacing means a valid number or "all".
Node: xpbank.withdraw
This will take exp from your bank and place it in your exp bar.
EG: /xpbank withdraw 150 - Withdraws 150xp; adding 1 level and 50% to your exp bar.
EG: /xb w all - Withdraws 200xp; or "2 levels".

I will be editing this post into a final full commands list with the separate ranks. Hopefully the plug ins wont change too much and they all keep getting updated.

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new ex bank plug in commands and features.
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